zveřejněno dne 12.03.2018

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG has honored its best suppliers of the year 2017 with the Supplier Award.

For twelve years now, those suppliers who offer the highest level of quality and performance have been honored. In a ceremony on March 1, 2018, at Rolls-Royce Power Systems / MTU in Friedrichshafen, Hammerwerk Fridingen GmbH was honored in silver as "Best Supplier 2017" in the category "Raw Parts Worldwide".

Out of over 1,000 suppliers eight were honored in this ceremony. In addition to good quality, the delivery performance was also included in the evaluation.

"With the Supplier Award, we will once again award the above-average performance and partnership-based cooperation with our suppliers," said Alexander Dangel, Purchasing Manager at Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.

A very warm thanks goes to all employees of Hammerwerk Fridingen, who contributed to this great success. Next, we aim for gold.

Hammerwerk Fridingen GmbH - Photo: Stefan Söll | (from left): Alexander Dangel (Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG) and Klaus Laufkötter, Dr. Ing. Frank M. Springorum and Markus Klaiber (Hammerwerk Fridingen GmbH)